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Which laptop to buy? Buying Guide and Tips 2022

To know which laptop to buy, you first need to know why you need one. A laptop is used for a certain purpose and this is very important when you are going to choose one.

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Best Laptops – Buying Guide and Tips 2022

A laptop must be able to complete your goals, otherwise, the laptop is worth nothing. If you want to edit photos or videos, play games, study, use the internet, or just want to use a laptop for business things, you want to be sure that your laptop can handle that.

These are the most common purposes for which many choose a laptop. You should also think about what you want to use a laptop for.

Our Top 10 Best Laptops Picks:

Comprehensive information about our top 10 picks. 

  • Lenovo ThinkBook 15 – All-around laptop
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 – Photo Editing
  • HP Omen 15 – Gaming laptop
  • MacBook Pro 13 – Laptop Video Editing
  • HP Pavilion 15 – Basic Laptop
  • Lenovo Yoga 9 – Photo and video editing laptop
  • Apple MacBook Air 2020 – Business laptop
  • HP Pavilion x360 – 2 in 1 Laptop
  • Acer Chromebook 314 – Cheap Laptop
  • MacBook Pro 13 2020 – Student laptop

These are some of the best choices you can make. Of course, there are many other laptops that are also good and you can find these yourself. With our buying guide, you can learn to find a laptop yourself.

In addition to the components of a laptop, you also want to look at the size. Are you a student or do you need a laptop for business use, then you want a small laptop of 13 – 14 inches? Are you just a gamer or you are often at home, you want a 15 – 17 inch laptop.

Best Laptops of the Year by Category:

Each category has its own best laptops and price craze. Laptops in each category have a price difference from best to cheaper laptops. You should consider your budget carefully before deciding whether a laptop is right for you or not.

Best gaming laptops of 2022

Top laptops for photo editing

Video editing laptops in 2022

Top 10 student laptops of the year

Best business laptops to choose from

Ideal laptops for home use 

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In addition to your laptop, you also want to keep it of top quality. Check out the best laptop accessories to keep your laptop looking new.

Best laptop accessories to have on:

  • Screen cleaner 2 in 1 spray
  • laptop stand
  • laptop sleeve
  • Security
  • laptop stickers
Buying a laptop what to pay attention to – step-by-step plan

Buying a laptop what to look out for – Step-by-step plan

If you are going to buy a laptop yourself, there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. In this step-by-step plan, I’m going to tell you what you should pay attention to to buy a good laptop. It is of course important that you check them all before you buy a laptop.

First step

You first want to go to the web store where you want to buy your laptop. It is important to be sure that it is a reliable online store such as

Next, it is important to know what your budget is for the laptop. If you know what your budget is, you can already know what a laptop can do.

Your budget

laptop for daily tasks goes from 200 – 500 euros. A laptop for photo editing goes from 450 to 1000. A laptop for video editing, studying and business use goes from 600 to 3000 euros. Laptops for gaming go from 800 to 3000 euros.

Prices range from minimum required components to heavy and strong components that make your work easy. Based on your budget and what you want to spend, you can already know what you can get.

Your goal

As discussed here, you must have a purpose with a laptop. If you only want to perform daily tasks such as emailing, watching series and browsing the internet, you won’t have to spend much.

If you want to edit photos, videos, play games, or use a laptop for studying or business use, you will have to spend more. You have to determine your goal and see if you can afford it together with your budget.

Using filters

Now that you know whether you have enough money to choose the laptop that suits you, you want to start looking for these laptops. You want to go to an online store of your choice, I would recommend Amazon myself.

You want to start filtering for the components, format you need in each target. We’ll start with the basic laptop. You can also click on the links where I have already done that for you.

There is no component preference for basic laptops. You can easily search for laptops and filter by “watching movies in Full HD + internet, email and word processing” when recommended for use.

Take a good look at the laptops out there and take your time. If you’re going to watch a lot of series/movies, you’ll definitely want a Full HD resolution. If you are on the road a lot, you also want a small laptop such as a 13 – 14 inch laptop. Pick the laptop that fits your budget well.

Laptop for photo editing is something else. You want to filter on laptops for photo editing with an i5/ryzen 5 processor or an i7/ryzen 7 processor. You want at least 8GB ram to 16GB ram with this laptop. You also want to check that the panel type is set to the IPS panel, which is very important for color reproduction.

laptop for video editing, studying and business use is often the same. This is because you will have to edit videos during your studies and for business use you want to be able to do a lot with a laptop.

For video editing, you want to be sure that the laptop has an i7/Ryzen 7 processor with 16GB of ram. These two components are a must for video editing only. If you travel a lot as a student and for business, you want to take a small laptop from 13 to 14 inches.

You can also choose a laptop with a video card that has 4GB of vram or higher. You can see this in the description of your chosen laptops.

A good video card on a laptop helps to render videos and 3D models faster. This is very useful for video editing, architect training, ICT training, and if you want to play a game every now and then.

A laptop suitable for video editing, studying and business use is also useful for students who go to work after school. You won’t have to buy a new laptop then :).

Now a laptop for gaming. If you want to game with a laptop, it is important that the video card is strong. For gaming, you want at least 4GB of ram and an i5/Ryzen 5 processor or higher. For ram, 8GB or 16GB is enough and you won’t need more.

For gaming, it is often useful to take a laptop with a higher refresh rate. This is often seen on the screen as Hertz. If you want to be able to respond faster in games, you’ll want a laptop with 120Hz or higher.

You always want to use Windows for the operating system of a gaming laptop. MacBook laptops are not suitable for gaming. If you want to see the best gaming laptops you can always read our article.

If you’ve already taken a few laptops to compare them, you’ll want to look at battery life, operating system, and weight. These are very important when buying a laptop.

Types of laptops and which one should you choose

Of course, there are also many types of laptops to choose from. These laptops have different operating systems and are very different from each other.


First up we have the Chromebook laptops. These are laptops that are intended for users who only want to use the internet and perform daily tasks such as emailing.

These laptops are very cheap and fast because all files are in the cloud. The laptop does not have to work as fast as a Windows laptop and is faster with cheaper components.

You want to choose this laptop if you don’t want to spend a lot and have a budget under 400 euros. Definitely a top choice for everyday tasks and browsing the web.

Windows laptops

Windows laptops are the most popular laptops. These are your standard laptops such as the MacBook laptops. These laptops are intended for every user and have a wide price range from cheap to very expensive.

Windows laptops are the ideal laptop for users who want to do everything. You get the freedom to install any application you want and you are not restricted much.


MacBook laptops are the same as windows laptops but are more limited in what programs you can install on them. MacBook laptops are ideal for designers, photo editing, and video editing.

The screen of the MacBook laptops is one of the best because the sharpness throughout the screen is even more than some 4K screens.

2 in 1 laptop

2 in 1 laptop are laptops that you can fold. You can use these laptops as a tablet and often also have a touchscreen function. These are very handy laptops for when you have business meetings and your laptop has to show a lot.

Microsoft surface

Finally, we have the Microsoft Surface. These are really tablets laptops to which you can put a keyboard. Unlike the 2 in 1 laptop, you can also use it without a keyboard because you can remove it.

These are very useful if you are on the road a lot. They are also useful if you want a tablet but as a laptop.

Where can you buy a laptop?

So, where can you buy a laptop for a good price and good service? It is important that you know which online stores you can best use when buying such an expensive product as a laptop.

You want to be sure that they are reliable and that they already have reviews. A great option I can give you is to buy a laptop from Amazon. These have enough customers to see that the laptops are good thanks to the reviews and the warranty of laptops is up to 2 years.

I myself had bought my Dell XPS 13 through Dell’s website and had problems because they only had a 1-year warranty. I would definitely recommend that you buy your new laptop from one of these two stores.


What should a good laptop meet:

Besides knowing how to find a laptop, you want to be sure that the laptop you choose is a good laptop. What requirements should a good laptop meet if you are going to buy it? Below I will give you some points where you should look at the end.

Operating system

For an operating system, you want to choose which one fits your laptop. If you are going to choose a Chromebook laptop because you don’t want to spend a lot of money, ChromeOS is your choice.

In addition, if you choose a laptop for heavy tasks, you want to be sure that it is Windows or MacOS. Remember the MacOS is more for graphics work and Windows is more good for gamers.


The size of the laptop is of course very important in addition to the components. You don’t want to walk around with a 3 kg laptop when you have to go to school. If you travel a lot, you want to be sure that you take a laptop from 13 to 14 inches with a weight under 2.5 kg.

If you spend a lot of time at home and want to play games, the gaming laptops are always 15 to 17 inches. These laptops also weigh a bit more and you will suffer a bit if you take them on the road.


The processor of the laptop is the most important component. For a good laptop, you want to be sure that the processor is an i5/Ryzen 5 or higher. The processors i7/Ryzen 7 or i9/Ryzen 9 are more intended for heavy tasks such as video editing and 3D designer.

Random-access memory 

For working memory in a good laptop, you want at least 8GB. With 8GB you can multitask enough but if you want to multitask a lot then you can take 16GB which is better.


For storage, it is of course how many gigabytes (GB) you want. Most laptops come with 256GB or more and of the SSD type. it is important that the laptop has an SSD because it is faster than the normal HDD. Some laptops come with an SSD + HDD and this is even better because you get a lot more storage. An SSD is very fast but also very expensive the more storage you take an HDD is cheap and comes with a lot of storage.

video card

Finally, I’m going to talk about the video card. The video card of a laptop is what ensures that 3D models are rendered faster. This is important during gaming because all you see are 3D models.

This is also good for video editing as you want to speed up video rendering. A good video card has at least 4GB of ram or more. Sometimes there are some with 2GB ram and these are fine for video editing only.



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