What is the best laptop brand in 2022?

Are you looking for the best laptop brand

Here I will discuss the best laptop brands that you can choose from best to less best. These brands are increasingly chosen over the years due to the price and quality of the laptops.

Not only that but choosing a good laptop brand is very important in 2022 and beyond. That is why it is important that you know which brands would do you best and why they are so good.

When you look for a laptop, you don’t just look at the components and how good they are. You also want to know that the brand is known so that you are guaranteed to know that it will last a long time and that if there is a problem you will also be helped.

The Top 10 Best Laptop Brands

I have chosen 10 brands for the best laptop brand. These top 10 best laptop brands go from best to less best, but they are all the best laptop brands out there.

I will tell you about these brands so that you will know exactly why they are good and why they are the best.


First I have the Apple MacBook. This is the most famous brand when it comes to a laptop. Everyone knows the Apple MacBook laptops  and most also choose one of these laptops.

The great thing about an apple laptop is that they have a great design that looks very professional. This is one of the reasons many choose it.

In addition, these laptops also have great components that make it easy to do everything. The speed is excellent and the display shows great quality.

Thanks to the special retina sharpness made by apple, the pixel density of the resolution are displayed very well. For example, 300 or more pixels per inch are displayed on the Retina display.


After Apple, we have the Dell laptops. The Dell laptops are super strong for Windows operating system.

An example of this is the Dell XPS 13 and 15. These are very strong laptops and I have one myself.


These laptops are just as good as the Apple MacBook laptops and they are very useful if you want a Windows operating system.

The nice thing about this laptop is that they have a great design that is very beautiful and professional. The display is of great quality and thanks to the IPS panel it has, colours are displayed perfectly.


The Lenovo Laptops. These are the laptops you definitely won’t if you’re looking for the best price-quality laptops.

On this website, I do a lot of research on laptops and I always see that the Lenovo laptops are the best when it comes to price and quality.


Furthermore, the Lenovo laptops also have a lot of functionality, so you can easily buy a 2 in 1 laptop for a great price or a gaming laptop if you wish.

Lenovo has a lot of variety and you will definitely want one of their best Lenovo laptops if you want to be in price-performance ratio.


The ASUS laptops are the laptops you would choose if you want speed. These laptops are excellent and have performance that is very great for the prices. 


If you want a laptop for school, business, gaming or on the go, Asus has them all.

There is a lot of variety on their laptops. They are all super fast so you never have to worry about slowing down while performing your tasks.


The HP laptops. Who doesn’t know them, this is one of the most famous brands of laptops over the years.

HP’s laptops are just like the Lenovo Laptops. The prices and the quality of it are very good.


In addition, you can find different types of laptops that could help you in every area.

They also have laptops that you can use for gaming, such as the HP Omen 17, which is very strong in games and with which you can also edit videos and photos.

The prices of these laptops are very good and users who own laptops from HP leave a lot of good reviews about the laptops they have.


If you want a budget laptop that can perform daily tasks and is cheap, Acer is your best choice.

The Acer laptops are some of the cheapest on the market and they have fantastic components that will do the trick.


The laptops are not only good for daily tasks but also if you want to stay cheap for a good laptop, they are the best.

Acer has great laptops that suit many different users. They have cheap laptops for everyday tasks, gaming and also 2 in 1 laptop for on the go.

I definitely recommend Acer laptops if you want to stay on a budget for a good laptop.


Which gamer does not know MSI? Msi is one of the best-known brands for gamers and they have great MSI laptops that are for gamers, students and people who work.

MSI laptops

The great thing about MSI is that they have laptops that are good for gaming but also have a cool look that doesn’t have too much gaming look.

The laptops like the MSI GS65 have a professional look but are good for gaming. The laptop also has cool keyboard lighting for when you go to work or play games in the evening.

I myself would go for an MSI laptop if I didn’t have my Dell XPS 13. I find that I can do a lot more with an MSI laptop because I can game too.

This is very useful if you go to a friend’s house and want to play with them for a while. Also handy for when you go on holiday and you have nothing to do, you can always play or work on your laptop.


The Microsoft laptops. These have been on the market for a while and I haven’t seen one myself. The important thing about them is that they are very compact and do not take up much space.

These laptops are a combination of laptop and tablet, so you can do a lot just like a 2 in 1 laptop.

The laptop is not super strong, but it does have many functionalities, such as a great resolution and touchscreen, which makes it easy to surf.


The Toshiba laptops are also a great choice for most people. These are laptops that are good but not really great when it comes to design.

The design of these laptops feels a bit like a mix of new tech and old tech at the same time. For example, they have the old button on the keyboard on some models.


That doesn’t mean they are bad. Many of these laptops have very strong components for a good price. This ensures that the laptop is slightly thicker than others, but they are stronger.


When it comes to gaming on the highest settings out there, Alienware laptops are a perfect choice.

Alienware laptop

These Alienware laptops are not normally strong and have components that can handle any game. For example, you can take the Alienware M15 as an example, which has the latest RTX 2080 that can certainly handle every new game without any worries.


Most laptop brands are strong in a specific area. For example, you can take the Apple MacBook laptops for business and for students and a Dell laptop if you want the same thing, but with a Windows operating system.

The Asus laptops are very good for speed and they are very compact. These laptops are also very useful for video and photo editing like the Lenovo laptops. Also, the MacBook and Dell laptops are good for this but they are slightly more expensive.

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