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Sleep Number releases new Smart Bed 360

The sensors have been improved on this new bed, the artificial intelligence incorporated, and the new structure helps the mattress create a better sleeping environment for the sleeper. It also adapts to changing needs. Smart Bed 360

Smart Bed 360

The specialist in sleep-related technology, Sleep Number, is back in action this year with new products for seniors. During this 2022 edition of CES, five years after the unveiling of the first Smart Bed 360, the company announces the release of its all-new Smart Bed 360 and accompanying furniture. 

After analyzing 13 billion hours of sleep data, Sleep Number has improved its product to optimize its detection capabilities and, by extension, information about the user’s sleep habits. Sleep Number even envisions a future in which this intelligent bed will alert its owner to the risks of illnesses that he incurs according to what the data collected during his journey into the arms of Morpheus reveal.

When it comes to the coupling of artificial intelligence and machine learning are combined for analytical purposes. Thus, the habits of the sleeper, his changes, and possible alarm signals are collected and then decrypted. In this way, the bed can subsequently offer its owner advice on improving the conditions.

Its manufacturer assures that it planned to market a version of its product capable of detecting difficulties such as sleep disorders or heart problems. Also, it adapts to the body of its user over time. However, Sleep Number has not yet received FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearance.

Here are the new features of the following Smart Bed 360:

  • New multi-sensor technologies
  • Improved software capabilities
  • New AI and machine learning algorithms
  • High-tech textiles, antimicrobial properties
  • Graphite-infused foam circulates air through the surface for comfort
  • Compatibility with new complementary accessories such as lamps and mobility aids

The great novelty, which drastically differentiates this model from the old Smart Bed 360, lies in the complementary furniture to the bed. With these accessories, sleep gains points on the comfort scale.

Here is a complete list of new furniture features that you can add to the Smart Bed 360:

  • Mobility aids to help get in and out of bed.
  • Individual audio and noise reduction technology
  • Mood lighting for the circadian rhythm
  • Individually adjustable reading lamps
  • Integrated charging and storage pocket

According to the manufacturer’s announcements, the Smart Bed 360 will be available in 2023, and on the pricey side, you can expect to pay a minimum of 971 euros excluding tax. On the other hand, the furniture prices have not yet been communicated.

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