Logitech POP Keys and POP Mouse

Logitech POP Keys and POP Mouse review: Typing and clicking full of color 2022

With the POP Keys and POP Mouse, Logitech introduces two cheerful accessories that allow young people and content creators to express their own style.

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Part of the Logitech Studio Series, the new POP keys products combine Logitech G’s playful keyboards and mice with the prolific lineup for professionals, such as the MX Keys. The result is a mechanical keyboard and quiet mouse, with bright colors and emoji buttons that can be paired with a maximum of three devices.

Logitech POP Mouse

No boring Hassle In Pop Keys

The fact that Logitech focuses on a young target audience with POP becomes immediately clear when the bright yellow (also called Blast) keyboard and the accompanying mouse are unboxed. Other color themes include a mix of purple and mint (Daydream) or red and pink (Heartbreaker). All combinations immediately attract attention. Self-expression is therefore the central theme.

We’re sorry there isn’t a black and white copy available, but boring just doesn’t suit POP. When we open the box, emojis smile cheerfully at us from the packaging. Logitech has done away with the plastic that a keyboard normally comes in and unpacking is more like a new pair of shoes. Good for the environment and a much more enjoyable experience.

Logitech POP Keys

In the box, we find four extra keycaps. Because this is a mechanical keyboard, the keys are easy to replace. You can easily ‘pop’ them off so that you can change the crying face with a thumbs up or a heart. A key that opens the entire Emoji menu is also a possibility. Then you just have to start the Logitech Options software and make the change there too. You can also adjust the F4 to F12 buttons to your liking, the media keys by default, but there is also a button for muting your microphone and activating the dictation function. The latter is unfortunately not supported when Dutch (Belgium) is the input language of Windows.

POP Keys in Logitech Options.

The best of the professional line-up

You use the F1-F3 keys to quickly switch between up to 3 devices with which you can easily connect via Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt dongle. This is included with POP Keys but is not provided for the POP Mouse, although it is very easy to connect both to the same dongle. The only functionality that we are still missing here is the possibility to change the mouse device with the press of your keyboard. Because the button for this is at the bottom, it goes a little slower.


We soon realized that as editors we are not immediately the target group for POP. The mechanical keys (cherry brown) provide a very pleasant typing experience due to the auditory feedback they provide, but they are not suitable for fast typing. The experience can best be described as that of typing on a typewriter. In other words, there is a lot of key travel (the distance it takes to fully depress the keys). We weren’t a fan of the round keys for the same reason. The style is great, but we’ve been faster off a key when we picked up the tempo.

Quiet, but loud at the same time

We’re a big fan of the POP Mouse for office work because it’s… as quiet as a mouse. Clicks are barely audible and it is also extremely light, two qualities that our MX Master 3 does not have. Very useful if you often attend an online meeting. We see the mouse quickly disappear in our backpack on the road, especially as a cheap alternative to the MX Anywhere 3. The main difference between the two is the lack of forwarding and back buttons. At the top, you have a button that you can set yourself if desired with the Emoji menu.


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After the previous section, you might wonder why Logitech pairs a somewhat loud mechanical keyboard with a quiet mouse, and we think that’s an odd choice. The main reason is that a mechanical keyboard is a requirement if you want to be able to easily replace keys, but in an office environment or during a Zoom call that can be annoying. We, therefore, recommend the POP Keys especially for your home office, where you can immediately play with them if you want, because that works fine of course.

What else?

In terms of batteries, both use AA units. Two for the keyboard, one for the mouse. Because there is no backlight or other LEDs, you can expect a battery life of several months.

In terms of price, Logitech is right here with 99.99 euros for the POP keyboard. That is certainly not little for a keyboard, but for a mechanical copy it is much more reasonable. You also pay for functionality, such as connecting multiple devices. With 39.99 euros for the POP mouse, the same applies: if we look at the 89.99 euros that the MX Anywhere 3 costs, this is a reasonable amount.

Final Verdict POP Keys & Mouse

If you type all day long, then the POP Keys keyboard probably isn’t for you, but if you mainly use your computer for e-mailing or video conferencing, this new line-up is perfect. The design allows you to express your own style with its bright colors and is a great alternative to monotonous professional keyboards and everything that gamer screams. Both products are also packed with functionality, from connecting to multiple devices to quickly adding an Emoji.


  • Bright color themes
  • Nice typing experience
  • Useful Emoji Keys
  • Super quiet mouse


  • Not for prolonged typing
  • A keyboard is much louder than a mouse

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