iPad Pro 2022 is sensational: M1 chip, 5G and New Screen

Apple just announced a stunning tablet. The 2022 iPad Pro features a superior M1 processor – exactly the same as the fastest Macs. Moreover, it is the first iPad without a traditional LCD screen and with 5G.


5th Generation iPad Pro 2021

In spectacular video production, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro 2021 this evening. The professional iPad was already known as the best tablet on the market, and the lead is no less with the new generation iPad Pro (the fifth).

Once again, the iPad Pro – which has the same modern looks as before – is available in two sizes: 11-inch and 12.9-inch. In contrast to previous generations, in addition to the screen size, there is an important difference between the models: the largest iPad is enriched with a renewed mini LED screen.

Renewed mini LED screen

Apple calls the screen a “Liquid Retina XDR Display.” This screen is good for a high dynamic range and is comparable to the Apple Pro Display XDR. Mini LED is used for the screen; 10,000 small LEDs provide XDR lighting.

The main advantage over LCD is the locally dimmable backlight. In total there are 2500 ‘local dimming’ zones. As a result, mini-LED offers many of the same benefits as OLED. These include better contrasts. The screen has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. An impressive peak brightness of 1600 nits is also possible.


M1 chip: as powerful as a Mac

What both iPad Pro models boast is serious muscle. The tablets have the exact same M1 chip as the latest MacBooks and iMac 2021 have. The M1 has the fastest CPU core ever in a Mac, so the iPad Pro is not inferior to any Mac in terms of power.

The M1 chip has an 8-core CPU, which delivers 50 percent faster performance than the previous-generation iPad Pro. The graphics improve by 40 percent compared to the iPad Pro 2020.

The iPad Pro 2021 has something in common with the latest Macs: it now has the same Thunderbolt connection (USB 4). It offers several advantages compared to the earlier USB-C. A faster data transfer, for example, but there are also more options for connecting peripherals, such as a monitor or hard disk.

First 5G iPad

The iPad Pro 2021 is the first iPad to support 5G. The tablet also supports the fastest form of 5G: mm-Wave. It is not yet known whether the mm-Wave version will only be available in the United States, such as the iPhone 12. In other countries, the iPhone 12 can only connect to lower 5G frequencies: Sub-6 GHz.

An iPad with mm-Wave is of little use at the moment, but that will change from next year. In 2022, the extremely high frequencies required for mm-Wave will be auctioned step by step in the Netherlands.



The new iPad Pro also has an improved camera system, albeit a modest upgrade. The selfie camera has an ultra-wide-angle lens with 12 megapixels. There is also a new function: Center Stage. For FaceTime calls, the ultra-wide angle lens follows the person to keep them in view as they move around the room.

Prices and release of iPad Pro 2021

The iPad Pro 2021 can be pre-ordered on April 30. The tablet will be available in stores in the second half of May. The iPad Pro can be configured for the first time with a storage capacity of 2 TB. In addition, the professional tablet is available in a variant with 128, 256, 512, or 1 TB storage. You can choose between a model with only WIFI or WIFI + Cellular (5G).

The starting price of the 11-inch iPad Pro has remained the same: € 899. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has become a hundred euros more expensive than the previous generation: € 1219 instead of € 1119. These are the iPad Pro 2021 prices:

  • 11-inch iPad Pro (WIFI): $1020
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (WIFI + Cellular): $1220
  • 12,9-inch iPad Pro (WIFI): $1385
  • 12,9-inch iPad Pro (WIFI + Cellular): $1580

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