All these New Features are Coming to Your iPhone

All these New Features are Coming to Your iPhone

iOS 15.4 is coming soon. And for an interim update, there are a lot of new functions, according to the first iOS 15.4 beta. How about Universal control, Face ID with a mouth cap, and much more? We have listed the most interesting innovations of iOS and iPadOS 15.4 for you!

iOS 15.4 beta: new features

iOS 15.3 was released earlier this week, and there were hardly any new features in this update. But in the next update that will be completely different, according to the first iOS 15.4 beta. This may be the biggest interim update iOS 15 will get.

1. Face ID with mouth mask (and without Watch)

Apple Watch users have been able to unlock their iPhone with a mask on since iOS 14.5, but now you no longer need a Watch. An iPhone 12 or newer. iOS 15.4 makes it possible to use a Face ID while wearing a face mask. Face ID will then recognize you based on the area around your eyes. Apple warns that it is slightly less secure.

2. Universal Control


Finally! Universal control should have become the focal point of macOS Monterey in combination with iPad OS 15, but has been postponed time and again. This allows your Mac and iPad to work together seamlessly. For example, drag a picture from your iPad to your Mac with the mouse.

3. 112 new emojis


You can never have enough emojis, right? In iOS 15.4, a whole load of new emoji characters will be added: no less than 37 new emojis. Because you can adjust the skin color on some, that brings the total to 112. Including a red battery icon, hands that form a heart, and a melting smiley face.

4. Turn off notifications for personal automation

If you create personal automation in the Assignments app, a notification will always appear when it starts. Many people find that irritating. Now you can turn those notifications off.

5. Keyboard brightness on the iPad


Do you have an iPad and do you use an external keyboard with lighting? From now on you can adjust its brightness very quickly. You can place a new controller in the control panel for this.

6. iCloud Keychain Notes

iCloud Keychain is the easiest way to store passwords for all your Apple devices. New is the option to add notes to a password. Many other password managers already offer this option. This is also one of the new features of macOS Monterey 12.3, which has also been released in beta.

7. 120 Hz in third-party apps

The iPhone 13 Pro (Max) has a ProMotion screen with a higher refresh rate, which makes your iPhone feel a bit more streamlined. But third-party apps rarely reached the highest refresh rate. According to Apple, there was a bug and it will be fixed with iOS 15.4.

8. Improved Quick Notes

At this point, swiping in from the bottom right corner of your iPad will open a Quick Note. You will soon be able to indicate that you want to do this from the left corner – or turn off the function completely. It is also possible to take a screenshot with a similar gesture.


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