Top 8 Best Gadgets You Should Own in 2016

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Best Gadgets For 2016

CES 2016, the biggest tech event of the year held at Las Vegas in January 6-9, has managed to set the trend for 2016. Obviously, the biggest trend of 2016 is technology. All other industries can’t even compare to what technology has to offer to mankind.

This year will certainly be one of a kind. If you really want to capitalize on the advancements in technology in 2016 and you want to make your life easier, here is a list of the best 8 gadgets to own this new year.

1. Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are the next step in lighting. These are not just your average bulbs, but are technologically advanced devices that can connect to your smartphone. That opens up a whole new array of possibilities.

A smart bulb can be dimmed by the touch of your smartphone screen, can be controlled from anywhere, can change its color, can help you sleep better and can even play music. With so many wow factors, you should definitely consider replacing your standard bulbs with smart bulbs in 2016.

Some of the best models of smart bulbs are made by AwoX, Flux, Belkin, Lumen, Phillips and Smart Electric.

2. Phablets

Phablets are the perfect combination between smartphones and tablets. More and more people are choosing a phablet over a smartphone or tablet, especially as these new gadgets have become quite inexpensive.

Some of the reasons to have a phablet are:

– Perfect screen size: while the screen of most smartphones is considered too small, tablets fall into the opposite category. The screen of a phablet is just perfect (5-7 inches) for games, internet browsing and full-screen apps.

– More autonomy: phablets offer much more battery life than both smartphones and tablets. That’s definitely a huge plus for those who travel often.

– Stylus: the stylus is a precision tool that enables you to surf the web with a perfect precision. If you do photo editing or you want to take notes on your phablet, the stylus is a great feature.

– Enriched user experience: phablets benefit of the latest UX technology, offering tons of dedicated apps that can make your life easier.

3. Smart Doorbells

Because doorbells are the eyes and the ears of your home, manufacturers and engineers decided to create smart doorbells. Similar to smart bulbs, smart phones or smart TVs, smart doorbells can do a lot of smart stuff.

For starters, a smart doorbell is equipped with a camera that connects to your smartphone. You can now see on your smartphone who is standing in front of your door. If you’ve ever watched “Law Abiding Citizen”, you will understand the true importance of smart doorbells.

In addition to video, you can also use your smartphone to capture audio, and even talk through the microphone embedded in the doorbell. The battery lasts for months and your security increases substantially.

Smart doorbells are definitely a must-have gadget in 2016.

4. 3D Printers

You have probably heard of 3D printers by now. In 2015, mankind has managed to print the first functional vehicle, the first human lung and even the first apple pie.

Understanding how a 3D printer works is definitely something extremely hard. However, what it’s important to know is that these high-tech machines that use the additive manufacturing process to create physical objects are slowly becoming very hot on the market.

A 3D printer can be both fun and can save you a lot of money, especially if you have your own home-based business. With a 3D printer, you can make anything from a paper towel holder, a shower head, a garlic press and a Samsung Galaxy 6 phone case.

3D printers also allow you to make adaptors, replace broken parts, personalize your creations, invent something new or educate your kids. The benefits of 3D printer are endless, which means 2016 is going to be a great year for this gadget.

5. Smart Bluetooth Trackers

2016 is the year when you need to put an end to the bad habit of losing your objects. Thanks to smart Bluetooth trackers, you can now stop losing your keys, wallet, bags or smartphone.

You can simply attach a tracker to your belongings and pair the device with your smartphone or phablet. Your phone will continue keeping track of each device every two seconds. In case the tracker gets out of the Bluetooth range, your phone beeps to let you know that your keys or wallet have been left behind. It’s as simple as that.

With a smart Bluetooth tracker, your life becomes easier and you never need to post on Facebook ever again that you’ve lost your wallet, bag or car keys.

6. Smart Watches

Smartwatches are absolutely essential in 2016. Here’s why:

– Instant notifications
– Listen to music
– Control appliances in your home
– Extremely stylish
– Works hand in hand with an activity tracker or can be a good replacement of fitness tracking devices
– Makes your look like a spy

A smartwatch is an essential item in 2016, and could easily replace your old wrist watch. What’s even better is that you can personalize your smartwatch according to your own tastes.

With tens of brands to choose from and hundreds of unique smart watches, you can practically find at least one model that suits your purposes and even exceeds your wildest expectations.

7. Fitbits

Fitbits are those tiny wristbands that can help you stay in control of your fitness goals. With a fitbit, you can also track your exercise regimen and diet , while gaining the peace of mind that you will lose all the unwanted body fat.

The fitbit holds you accountable, it gets you moving and encourages better food choices. If you want to live healthier and make it all seem manageable, the fitbit is the right gadget option for you in 2016.

8. Led Projectors

Owning a led projector in 2016 gets your technology potential to a whole new level. Whether you want to create a stunning visual experience for your business, you want to experience the true HD quality when watching a movie or simply show large scale information to multiple persons, a led projector is a smart buy this year.

Here are 4 big reasons to get a led projector in 2016:

1. Skyrocket your Home Theater Experience: a digital LED projector turns your Friday Night evenings into the best time of the week. In addition to getting the admiration of your friends and relatives by entertaining them with the highest quality movies they have ever seen, you can spend a rewarding time with your family.

2. Enhance your Gaming Experience: for detailed scenes and for a perfect gaming experience, a led projector is more than perfect.

3. Impress your Employees

4. Project Pictures at a Party

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